AAMM Advanced Certificate - Enrolment and Assessment Module


Enrolment in and successful completion of this required for the granting of the Advanced Treatment Certificate in Musculoskeletal Medicine.

Participants who enrol in this module are committing to registering for the three treatment modules:

  • Treatment Module 1: Spinal Manual Therapies and Exercises

  • Treatment Module 2: Injection Therapies: Prolotherapy, Perineural Therapy and Trigger Point Therapy

  • Treatment Module 3: Central Pain processing and treatment, informed selection of spinal interventions, secondary prevention strategies and tying it all together


The components of this module are as follows:

  • Submission of a logbook of 20 cases/procedures over a 12 month period

  • Attendance at 2 clinical observation sessions with a senior tutor (in person)

  • Submission of a patient case history

  • A written examination comprising both multiple choice and short answer questions

  • Completion of a 45 minute clinical viva examination (online)


Participants must enrol in this module before the commencement of the first Treatment module.

The first Assessment component is the LOGBOOK, which should be commenced after completion of the first treatment module.


Participants who enrol in this module will pay the following fees:

  1. REGISTRATION FEE - $1000 This is payable at registration for the first module and guarantees a place in all three modules and the Assessment Module

  2. EXAMINATION FEE - $1500 This is payable on completion of the first three modules and prior to submission of the first assessment piece.

NOTE: Registration Fees must be paid via the AAMM website, Participants will receive an invoice for the Examination Fee at the completion of the above treatment modules.


For more information on the Advanced Treatment Certificate CLICK HERE - Advanced Treatment Certificate Overview 2023

If you have any questions, please contact Sheridan Ahearn at [email protected]