Injection Therapies for the Low Back and Buttock

A workshop for doctors wanting to boost their skills and confidence in treating low back and buttock pain with Prolotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Trigger Point therapy and Perineural Therapy

This workshop is timed to follow the AAMM Low Back Pain module on Saturday 3rd September 2022.

Future injection workshops in appropriate areas are planned to follow the other 3 modules. Prior attendance at the AAMM module is advised but not essential.

We will look at

·        Research evidence for prolotherapy and PRP injections for sacro-iliac, pelvic and hip disorders including tendinopathy

·        Theory of perineural injection therapy (PIT) for peripheral neuropathic pain

We will practise:

·        Palpation to localise the patient’s pain

·        Injections for sacro-iliac joint (posterior sacro-iliac ligaments)

·        Injections for tendinopathy of greater trochanter and pubic symphysis

·        Trigger point injections and how to find the common ones especially piriformis

·        Lyftogt subcutaneous injections to cluneal nerves across the buttock, and dorsal rami

The theory will be covered in ~2 hours of pre-reading in preparation for this one day hands-on workshop practising the above techniques.

Venue: Smart Health 12-22 Richmond Rd Keswick 5035

Tutors: Dr Margaret Taylor and Dr Ramona Chryssidis

Cost: $550 – medical practitioners, AAMM members $440 Registrars $385 (includes GST)

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