Adjunct Associate Professor Jeni Saunders MBBS Ph.D. FACSEP CCPU

ADELAIDE Wednesday November 9th (prequel to ACSEP conference: Please register via ACSEP conference registrations)

Workshop 1: Sorting out back pain: everything you have been afraid of explained (morning)

Recognition, Diagnosis and Treatment of Sacro-Iliac Joint Incompetence/Pelvic Girdle Pain, Discal and facet sources

·        Common presentations of back conditions and the anatomy

·        Sorting out the possible pian drivers

·        Functional anatomy of the SIJ, lumbar spine and hip

·        Clinical Diagnosis including best imaging techniques

·        Initial treatment including bracing/taping/ specialised physical therapy/ exercise therapy, what and when

·        Injection therapies: which injections, when, how and why.

·        When to consider surgery and types of surgery

·        After injection, following -up after specialised physiotherapy, after injections and return to sport considerations

               Questions and Course Wrap up:  This course aims to cover the basics for physicians, surgeons and physiotherapists who deal with back pain and leg pain.

Workshop 2:  Masterclass in Sacroiliac joint mechanical injury, its consequences and co-existent pathologies. (afternoon)

Pre-requisite: must have completed the introductory course in person OR online

·        We will review the patho-anatomy of the SIJ, pubis and hip

·        We will look at the accommodative strategies that are employed with SIJ Lumbar spine and hip mechanical issues

·        We will then discuss the strategies required to unwind these and treat the underlying issue.

·        Muscle enthesopathies around the pelvis

·        Neural compression around the pelvis as a secondary consequence of the altered muscle function

·        The SIJ Influence on rib ring dysfunction: is it the SIJ driving the rib? Or the rib ring dysfunction driving the SIJ?

·        Co-existent lumbar spine and hip issues

·        Detailed discussion regarding the muscular components of lumbo-pelvic stability.

·        When is it intra-pelvic?

·        Treating combinations of Lumbar spine, SIJ and hip

Questions and course Wrap up

You can register just for the workshops not the conference.