The Australian Association of Musculoskeletal Medicine (AAMM) is offering a Certificate in Musculoskeletal

Medicine to provide doctors with the opportunity to extend their expertise in dealing with musculoskeletal

complaints in a structured way that is compatible with the other continuing professional development demands.

The certificate is offered in a modular format, to allow doctors to pace their learning to meet their own needs

specified in their own learning plan and/or benefit from individual modules if they do not wish to complete the

certificate. It will allow GP registrars and Pain Medicine and Rehabilitation Medicine trainees to upskill to a

level that should improve their performance in their Fellowship exams in the area of musculoskeletal problems.

Who Should Do this Course?

GP Registrars and Pain Medicine and Rehabilitation trainees

AAMM Certificate of Musculoskeletal Medicine Overview - 2023


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