To maintain optimum function, the body must move, and work. Exercise keeps cartilage, bone, and muscles strong by continually remodeling and building structure. Much harm is done by a couch potato lifestyle.

When some part of the musculoskeletal system becomes painful or loses range of movement, lack of use creates a cycle of weakness. Often the user then favours another part of the body, which can in turn create problems there. Sometimes the sufferer fears that exercise will harm them, and they restrict their activities further, inadvertently making the problem even worse.

Exercises help build strength, flexibility, symmetry, and muscle balance, and to restore function. Specific exercises can be given to aid specific problems, either by the musculoskeletal doctor or by working together with an exercise physiologist or physiotherapist.

Exercise can be done at every age, and by everybody. Other benefits include improved mood, stress reduction, improved brain function, improved immunity, weight control, and higher energy levels.